Ha Noi 2013

On arrival in Ha Noi on April 25th my intention was to do enough to obtain a visa extension beyond 3 months and also paid for by someone else and my return air ticket cost to be paid for by someone other than myself.Last year I paid for these two items and it hurt.This year,Lisa and candi paid for my return ticket.Without their financial help I would not be here.To capitalise on experience gained when I was here a year ago for 6 months teaching English as Second Language at Cung Thieu Nhi adjacent to the Old Quarter.To get the students to share with friends an family that they enjoyed my class and hope that this would somehow get back to ASSAC decision makers.Just enough to convince them to extend my contract.And pay for my visa change and my ticket change.From what I can see having taught English here for a month now,I think that ASSAC can do with my English as Second Language teaching skills.In particular on what appears to me to be a new venture they are progressing at primary schools in the area.They(ASSAC)have intimated to me that they wish to contract directly with me.CSDS with whom I am contracted to at the moment do not have a problem with this.In fact they welcome it as they tell me that are phasing this side of their business out to concentrate on other business interests.In addition to paying my monthly salary ASSAC have informed CSDS that they are prepared to foot the bill for my visa extension and the cost of changing my return ticket from 24 July to a later date.A return flight to occur some time next year is mooted.From an income perspective this suits as next year on 28 Feb,I get my first pension tranche from Old Mutual.This money plus any cash I am able to take back to SA from here,can then be used.To either sell my 2 bedroom apartment and move to a 1 bedroom unit in Cape Town if I can afford it!Or remain in Johannesburg in a smaller unit if I can’t.Fact is that after a month of teaching English as Second Language here in Ha Noi,it looks as if a plan is starting to come together.Let’s see what happens now!


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