..coming together nicely thanks

panicked yesterday evening when I got a serious case of the sniffles.Fortunately today I’ve had none whatsoever.I’m grateful.I’m still working on my daily routine.It centrs on trying to take a nap for 45mins between 12 and 3pm.Not easy for me.But I’m going to have to succeed before the northern hemisphere spring and especially summer set in.Although I admit I was working hard last year at that time I’l never forget how a simple bout of the flu resulted in me feeling as sick as a dog when teaching.I was so exhausted I lost my voice for a few days and that’s not on when you must teach a class who seem to like the sound of my voice than I do.I’m told by Mrs Hong that she is about to open another two New World English Centres within a matter of days.I know her well enough to believe her and right now I don’t see too many other ESL teachers around.This evening I learned that at this time of the year it’s best not to shower in the mornings which i have been doing up until now.Hong husband told me via his eldest son I must take a daily shower between 4 and 430pm.so tonight I aint showering before I turn out thye light and the shower won’t see me at all tomorrow until after I’ve successfully completed my between 12 noon and 3pm nap


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