Woolworths retailer takes court action against Palestine protesters

Good on Woolies!


Written by Yazeed Kamaldien

General retailer Woolworths has sought a court interdict against pro-Palestine protesters who vowed yesterday to continue action against it.

Woolworths confirmed via its press office yesterday that it has applied for an interdict because “business has a right to trade unhindered”. Its interdict application is set for hearing at the South Gauteng High Court on November 25.

Various groups have recently protested countrywide against Woolworths for selling Israeli goods. Protesters believe this is a sign the retailer supports Israel’s military action against Palestinians.

Woolworths said yesterday that it sold only “figs and pretzels from Israel”.

“We spent R14-billion on local food last year and we are being taken to task (for selling figs and pretzels),” it said.

Woolworths said it sought court action as the “safety of our employees and customers come first”.

Paula Disberry, group director for retail operations at Woolworths, said “unlawful protest actions…

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