2014 One of the happiest years of my life is drawing to a close.A year in which I achieved much of what I set out to do with my life.Most rewarding by far drawing close to Elise.A year in which also I did some good work.Never earning a small fortune.But never going without shelter and food.Saving more.Consciously trying to spend less on myself and more on family.Living within my means.Or probably a more appropriate description trying harder than in all previous years to live within my my means.Thereby helping me to each day feel stronger.

Two other issues bear mention.A drastc shift is in now process.I can feel it gaining a momentum of its own despite strong resistance from part of me which actually worries about what other people think of me.A change of heart from at worst wishing always to test God or at best wishing all the time to struggle with Him.

To simply asking him sometimes daily.Often not even:

To come into my life and to make me what He wants me to be.

And second is to increasingly being inspired by the lives of my family.Elise,Lisa and Candice.Quietly observing them live their lives.Becoming more priviliged as each day now unfolds to see them mature.Like good red wine.Sometimes with them.Mostly not.In my thoughts.Always in a prayer.Wonderful memories of the good time we spent together.Bless them.Keep them safe.Hold them in the palm of Your hand.I’m grateful.Bring on Christmas in Thanh Ne.Bring on 2015.I’m grateful to be alive!


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