…nothing is set in stone !

It goes to show nothing is set in stone.I never once thought I could write this.I’m contemplating retiring on 30 September this year.What work I’m going to do next is not yet clear in my mind but I know that between then and now much will have unravelled.What I do know is that I miss my ex, Elise and that I’m looking forward to first discussing my options with her.Happy Easter everyone.I took a ride on my bike this am to the nearby village of Minh Binh (it may even be Binh Minh) this am.The circa 1945 Roman Catholic Church where I had wanted to pray was securely locked up so I cycled on to another,one of a handful nearby by the way,where a kindly Vietnamese lady my age unbolted a side door for me and let me go in.I find bike riding excellent therapy for when on occasion I’m bored or homesick.With summer fast approaching I’m going to need all the exercise I can getDSC07795


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